Pressfab have the expertise and capacity to handle your fabrication requirements.

We offer assistance and advice throughout your design stages to achieve the most cost effective and hassle free project delivery. Our skilled tradespeople deliver quality workmanship ontime where ever possible to help you meet the ever increasing pressures of shortening deadlines.

Thanks to our decades of unmatched experience completing various engineering tasks we excel at assisting business owners and private individuals in completing a wide range of metal fabrications. Our qualified and reliable team of tradespeople work collaboratively from our large and enclosed workshop to complete specialised tasks. From our workshop we excel at rapidly fabricating and building custom projects thanks to our expert in house processing and our 2 overhead 5 tonne cranes.

  • Experience in a Wide range of Fabrications
  • Qualified Tradespeople
  • Large Workshop
  • Inhouse Processing
  • 2 x 5 Ton Cranes

We can also take care of all other associated Services which you may require as part of your Projects such as

  • Machining, Drilling & Tapping
  • Stress Relieving
  • Weld Procedures and NDT Testing
  • Surface Treatment, Painting or Galvanizing
  • Transport

Metal Fabricators

At Pressfab we have a highly-trained and passionate group of metal fabricators. Thanks to our extensive training, knowledge, and experience we can also take care of all other associated services which you may require as part of your projects such as machining, drilling & tapping, stress relieving, weld procedures and NDT testing, surface treatment, and painting or galvanizing.

By delivering such a comprehensive and reliable set of services Pressfab hope to become a one-stop-shop for all of our customers engineering and metal fabrication needs. Working from either a set design or a custom draft we will expertly and rapidly craft and build your item to your measurements and specifications to ensure the highest level of accuracy. During your build our team will also provide invaluable advice and guidance to guarantee that the completed item is the best that it can be.

Steel Fabricators

Do you require unmatched and personalised steel fabrication services? Melbourne customers and clients can rely on Pressfab to deliver custom-made designs and fabrications of the highest quality and standard. With over 25 years of experience providing exceptional and accurate steel fabrication solutions our group of steel fabricators use the best techniques, materials, and equipment to seamlessly craft and assemble your desired object or item.

Expertly-maintained and selected for their varying capabilities our steel processing machines are able to shape, cut, and bend standard metal or stainless varieties to different angles and dimensions. Our expert team of operators understand the best way to craft your required product. To further discuss your needs, requirements, and desires regarding your custom steel fabrication please feel free to contact our friendly and helpful team today. At Pressfab we are here for you.